Cue7ven connect with top SSP ensures high quality demand and top payout for each impression. We remove demand fragmentation by connecting you to more than 50 leading DSP partners across all screens and channels.

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Maximize yield across all channels

Experience our technology ­based advertising solutions for optimizing your campaigns and maximizing your ROI. All you have to do is choose. From our amazing self service platform up to our full service solution – select the way you prefer to reach your audiences and lead them to conversion.

  • We give our advertisers the best ROI in terms of their campaign objectives be it viewability,reach,CTR,CR,conversion goals.
  • Give brand safety control as we work with Forensiq, Moat for brand safety and viewability metrics.
  • Best ROI in terms of business goals.
  • All inventory is audited manually and confirms to quality standards.
  • Full visibilty and control on traffic.

How We Work

  • Drive yield across all devices including Desktop, Mobile Web, and Mobile App.
  • Multi-format support for Video, In-App, Display, POP, Banners HTML5, VPAID (Flash and JavaScript), and VAST (2.2,2.3,3.0 and 4.0).
  • Support for all video ad types like pre-roll, mid-roll, post-roll, and video banners.
  • Our four Milestones of our business are sales, reach to right one, visibility and revenue.
  • We are a data-driven mobile and desktop advertising company with a focus on performance, catering to advertisers, brands and agencies looking to scale their business with digital advertising.

Our process

The most difficult thing is the decision to act, the rest is merely tenacity. We believe to Works for your benefit always


Consult duty with partner not events.


All we need is the plan, the road map, and the courage to press on to our destination.


We believe in creating the success, The price of success are hard work,dedication to the work and the determination of the results.


We believe on the best release at best time in the right direction.