What We Do

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Display Advertisement

  • Display represents the backbone of the digital advertising industry.
  • At CUE7VEN we combine our seasoned industry knowledge, advanced ad formats, audience data gathering tools, and high professional standards to ensure we deliver exactly what our supply and demand partners desire.
  • In addition we partner with brand safety verification vendors to ensure quality ads and traffic.
  • CUE7VEN delivers measure-ability and accountability from clicks to conversions to maximize your ROI & RON.

Banners Advertisment

  • Premium Audience across the globe.
  • Pinpointed live targeting
  • Advanced fraud detection
  • Real-time monitoring

Pop-Up Advertisement

  • A pop under ad format displays as a full size browser window behind the website.
  • This is the `money maker` of ad formats due to its high impact and performance for advertiser campaigns.
  • For Chrome browsers, this ad displays as a new tab rather than a new window.

Video Advertisement

  • As video consumption continues to rapidly increase across desktop and mobile devices we have developed technological tools to provide the best possible video solutions across in-stream, in-feed and mobile video
  • We support multiple player formats, including VAST, VPAID, and JavaScript in order to satisfy each of our clients’ unique needs.
  • Advanced fraud detection is our key features.

E-Mail Advertisment

  • Delivering the right message at the right time to our most valuable audiences is the key to deepening customer relationships.
  • By designing smart audience segments and dynamic campaigns, every campaign you send can speak to individual customers.

Native Advertisement

  • Full control, full flexibility & maximum revenue
  • Using zero maintenance widgets to offer native advertising placements that translate into an immediate revenue stream.
  • The ad is always visible, increasing performance and productivity.